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Engineering jobs in Holland

Engineering jobs in Holland

On this page we will explain the job possibilities for job seekers interested in engineering jobs in Holland.

The market

Whilst Holland doesn't have (for example) a major car or aerospace manufacturer, it does offer a home to many companies active in the fields of oil & gas, offshore, maritime technology and shipbuilding, civil works (on, off and nearshore), petrochem and high tech. Most of these organizations work internationally and are open to English speaking personnel especially for specialized, technical areas.Offshore and maritime companies are mostly based in the west of the country, roughly from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and inbetween, whilst high tech is mostly concentrated around Eindhoven (home to Philips company) and other cities with technical universities.

The requirements

Most companies will ask for people with a Bsc or Bengg degree and upwards (Msc, Phd level), and some years of experience related to their areas of expertise. Bachelor level is comparable to the Dutch HBO, Master degree with (Technical) University. EU/EER-citizens have a slightly better chance because there will be no need to arrange a work permit and because of cultural compatibility. However highly educated and experienced candidates worldwide are welcome. Furthermore, a lot of positions on offer will require frequent (international) travel for on site and offshore availability.

So with what kind of profile do you have a good chance of finding employment in Holland?

  • You are educated on Bsc, Msc or Phd level in one or more of the following disciplines:
    Maritime, naval, geotechnical, mechanical, offshore, aeronautical, mechatronics, electronical / electrical, chemical, physics, embedded, software development, structural, drilling engineering and related fields
  • You have several years of experience relevant for companies in sectors as mentioned above. Some examples: offshore structural engineering, industrial control automation, drilling engineering, optical design engineering, piping engineering, flow mechanics, electronics, rotating equipment, mechatronic systems engineering, analog or digital (IC) design engineering et cetera
  • You are willing and able to relocate to The Netherlands, accept fulltime employment and in some cases (international or offshore) travel.
  • Candidates from within the EU are strongly preferred. Many companies do not wish to arrange the necessary work permit for non-EU citizens. Citizens from the North America or Australasia also have a good chance of finding employment. In any case, work experience in (western) European countries and companies is considered a plus.


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