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List of frequently asked questions

Q: Why do I need to register as a job seeker and can't I just apply for vacancies without registering?

A: Registration provides us with all necessary data needed for a good match. This way you, our customers and us have a better guarantee that you apply for vacancies that really match your profile. Also, it enables us to follow your applications through our backoffice and that's the only way we can sustain a no cure no pay businessmodel toward our customers, which we sometimes offer next to the regular job board/job posting service. 

Q: Why do you ask so much information of me when registering?

A: The data we ask for is for a large part vital for a good match between vacancies and candidates. Furthemore, we sincerely believe that the effort we ask from job seekers and customers helps to ensure the high quality we aim for.

Q: Why can't you delete my profile on my behalf?

A: For years we had to delete candidate profiles and data ourselves, manually, when requested. However, to make this process easier for both job seekers as well as ourselves, we have meanwhile created the possibility for you to create and delete your profile, yourself. This also makes it easier to comply with different privacy and data protection rules and regulations internationally, as we are not always allowed (or cannot always take responsibility) to alter or delete profile data. In fact, for this reason we will no longer delete profiles ourselves.

Q: Why do I have to go through all the forms again when applying for a job, I already filled out the registration form?

A: If you're already registered as a job seeker, then first login before applying to a job. This way your stored profile will be applied and you don't have to provide all the data again.

Q: I registered some time ago but haven't heard from you since, why is nobody contacting me?

A: We would wish to give each and everyone the personal attantion they deserve, but keep in mind there are tens of new registrations coming in every day. Furthermore, for most clients we act as job board not a recruitment agency. As long as we're not able to provide you a matching job opportunity you will probably not hear from us. You'll certainly hear from us when you applied for a job through the site, or if a (new) vacancy comes up that fits your profile. If you need some feedback or more information, just let us know and we will definitely respond.

Q: Why are closed jobs still visible and accessible, whilst candidates can't apply anymore?

A: The main reason is, this allows for better interaction with search engines and prevents error pages when people click on external links to jobs (which is quite annoying). Closed jobs always indicate "closed" in the vacancies listing and on the top right in the detailed view, and the "Apply" button will be removed. Furthermore, many jobs open up again after a while and saving the job enables us to immediately reopen the position when needed.

Do you have a general question not listed here? Please mail us through info@careersinholland.com and we will answer you personally. If the question is important for general knowledge we will list it here.