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Interested in working in The Netherlands? Please fill out the form to create a profile on the basis of which we can effectively match you with existing and future vacancies. You can also browse available jobs. Keep in mind that not all jobs are posted, we will also actively search for you.

Please be aware that we can probably only help you if you're a national of one of the EU/EEA-countries, or otherwise not in need of a work permit, or if you studied or worked within the EU/EEA region until recently. Please see details here.

  • Want to know more about the way we work first? Please go to how it works
  • Interested in general info about the jobmarket, salaries, taxes, a good CV etc., choose how Holland works.
  • For more info about work permission for The Netherlands, go to work permit information.


When filling out the form to register, use all criteria and choose the values that really reflect your experience, skills and wishes. You can also attach your CV/Resume and leave a personal message. After registering, current openings that match your profile will be automatically listed. You can also define Job search agents or use an RSS Job Feed.

Last but not least, you can join our social network for job seekers from abroad at http://careersinholland.ning.com, and share your tips and experiences.

Important: your personal data will not be shared with any third parties without your explicit consent. Need help? Please contact us.