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  • Careersinholland.com is specialized in English language and multilingual job opportunities at (international) companies in The Netherlands and cross border. Main functional areas covered are customer service, ICT, engineering, sales/marketing and finance. 

  • The basis for our solution is the integrated job board. Jobs and candidates are automatically matched based on the criteria provided by recruiters and job seekers. You can browse for interesting jobs actively on top of your profile and use Job search agents, in which case jobs matching your profile will be send by email.

  • On top of the automated job board, we will offer you our personal service to assist you in your job hunt. You can always contact us with any questions and we will respond quickly. Furthermore, we can conduct an online video interview which will greatly enhance your profile and exposure towards possible employers.

  • Not all jobs are posted, so don't be put off if you can't find the job you're looking for at first. Also, we will actively search jobs for you.

  • Employers can find you through your anonymous profile in the list of available Candidates, which does not show any personal information. Your profile is search engine optimized and can therefore also be found through search engines like Google. Registered employers can acces more information in our candidate database,except for contact details.

  • We aim to provide you with all necessary and useful information needed. For example: what procedures must be followed when I want to work in The Netherlands? Which paperwork and (government) institutions are involved? What about relocation services, language courses, insurances, work permit etcetera? Info can be found at our pages How Holland works and Work permit info.

  • If you post your profile by registering, it is imperative that you choose the match criteria that really fit your skills, experiences and wishes. Just choosing as many values as possible will not help you in finding the right job. It will only frustrate recruiters, us, and in the end yourself.

  • Your privacy is protected to the best of our abilities. Our database is secured and your personal information will not be revealed to any third parties without your explicit consent. Please read more about this in our terms and conditions.

  • You are invited to share any suggestions you might have to improve our service towards you. Do you miss any helpful information? Ideas on how to improve our website? Please let us know.