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Interim Recruiter

Interim recruitment - hire a interim recruiter

You need (temporary) strengthening of your recruitment efforts or recruitment team and the services of an recruitment agency or job board are not what you're looking for? Our recruiter (Niels Jordens) can offer his experience as interim recruiter, either in-house or outsourced. We can also reach out to other interim recruiters within our network. If you hire us, our "toolset" is all-inclusive, this will create unique added value.

Interim recruiter profile

Niels Jordens on LinkedIn (recruiter specialties: (international) recruitment in multilingual, maritime, high tech and ICT, (executive) search, online & eRecruitment)

If you are looking for a temporary / interim recruiter, please contact us to discuss the possibilities: info@careersinholland.com or +31-(0)85-4871300