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IT jobs in Holland

IT jobs in Holland

On this page we will explain the job possibilities for job seekers interested in IT jobs in Holland.

The market

Holland is home to many international companies, and a lot of organizations operating worldwide choose The Netherlands as a base for their European or EMEA headquarters (EMEA stands for: Europe, Middle East and Africa). Furthermore, software development and programming does not necessarily require command of the Dutch language, depending on the specific product. This means that often software development and support can be done using the English language. Therefore, there are job opportunities available for software developers, administrators, DBA's, consultants and managers with a good command of the English language.

Most internationally operating IT firms are located in the major cities in the west of the country, for example Amsterdam. In most cases, English will be the internal language of communication. Average salaries range from 2400,- gross per month up to 60-80k per annum, heavily depending on specific skills and experienceasked for. Most positions are fulltime and permanent, but there are also many opportunities for job seekers preferring to work on a freelance/contract basis or short term projects. Last but not least we regularly offer IT jobs in other European countries as well.

The requirements

Most companies will ask for people with a mid to higher level educational background, relevant work experiencee and good communication and programming skills.

So with what kind of profile do you have a good chance of finding employment in Holland?

  • You are educated on mid to higher level, for example BA/Bsc degree, in computer science and programming, and at least 1-2 years work experience
  • You have a very good command of the English language
  • Citizens from within the EU/EER are strongly preferred, work permits will usually not be provided 
  • You have solid experience in a development or programming role, covering one or more of the following subjects:
    • Java / J2EE software development
    • C# / .Net software development
    • C / C++ software development
    • Sharepoint development
    • Database management & development (Oracle, SQL, MySQL)
    • Web development (Flash, Java, HTML, .Net, PHP) (technical, not (only) creative)
    • Some certifications are strongly preferred, for example MCSE
  • Or, you have solid experience as a consultant, manager or IT architect. Interesting subjects are, for example:
    • SAP, Peoplesoft and other ERP applications
    • MS solutions such as Sharepoint and Dynamics
    • Architecture
    • Oracle and other databases
    • Business Objects and other BI tools


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