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Job boards are easy to use and inexpensive, but often lack quality in response. Using multiple job boards and social media can cost you a lot of time posting. Agencies on the other hand can deliver quality, but are often expensive. Why not seek the best of both worlds? We deliver solutions to support your international and technical recruitment, tailored to your needs. Exposure

  • Job posting on Careersinholland.com AND a wide variety of additional jobboards and social media (20+)
  • Ease of use: send us your job in word or the link to your career pages and we'll take care of the rest...
  • Your vacancy highlighted in our newsletter towards more then 15.000+ job seekers in base
  • Pay for flexible slots instead of single vacancies, no loss in case of unexpected job closure CareersinHolland EXPOSURE product brochure


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Other possibilities Rather hire a freelance / interim recruiter? We can even help you with that: Interim Recruitment A custom made proposal/contract including terms, conditions and rates will be provided in PDF on demand, if you have specific wishes. Please mail us through info@careersinholland.com for any requests, or give us a call at +31-(0)85-4854900.