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Scala Developer

Company profile

People are the driving force behind digital innovations. Digital Tribes provides our partners with digital expertise for large or small, long or short web, e-commerce, mobile or virtual reality projects. It’s the ambition of Digital Tribes to add to the success of their customers as an entrepreneurial knowledge partner. Our employeneurs are outstanding digital professionals driving state-of-the-art digital projects of our customers. We hire and assess the Employeneurs and create the conditions for their personal and professional development in digital projects for our customers and in dedicated training and coaching.

The Job

Our client is a passionate start-up, involved in crowdfunding and launching projects that support a sustainable development. These projects are in the tech/IT domain. In a technical sense, they're are looking for software developers who want to create applications based on Scala, Akka, ElasticSearch and Axon. Next to that your job should enable continuous delivery of their platform towards the end users. Their structure gives you the opportunity to highly influence the platform they're building in cooperation with the other team members.

We ask

We're looking for EU/EER citizens or people otherwise not in need of work permission to be arranged. You have a higher degree of education and are fluent in English.

If you like a list :).....we are looking for people who:

  • know how to build API based backend applications
  • like to build software based on scala, akka, spray and axon
  • are interested concepts of Domain Driven Design, Event Sourcing and CQRS.
  • know how to scale and release without downtime.
  • are not afraid of production systems (we believe that software engineering and delivery are closely connected).
  • ..or who are willing and able to learn these elements.
  • We are perfectly OK when you are good at a subset of these technologies and are aware that the use of our technology will evolve in the future.

Next to technical capability we prefer people who know how to set priorities and who are able to deliver software that’s pushed to production in an automated way.

We are part of the Scala.Amsterdam meetup community and like to play an enabling role for the community.

Last but not least: you should have a genuine interest and sympathy for our causes and passions.

We offer

We believe in the people who do good, in the life of others and for the world, and we work hard to develop the best possible participation platform to enable that. For that, we need skilled people that run the extra mile to make a positive impact on society. We are continuously looking to strengthen our team.

We offer you:

  • a great place to work in the center of Amsterdam.
  • a setup that enables you to do your job in the best possible way.
  • working in a close team of passionate people where you are capable to have impact.
  • a chance to contribute to positive change in the world.
  • a free lunch and drinks on our rooftop terrace.
  • a great opportunity to learn about startup dynamics at first hand.




Amsterdam region, Eindhoven region

Contact person (please do not apply through mail, only applications through the apply button will be processed. If the apply-button is missing below, it means the vacancy is closed)

Niels Jordens